I need a pizza to cover this pizza face

Pimples, Pimples, everywhere..but what cover up will work the fastest?!  Ever notice the new acne ads on TV and social media being aimed towards the older youth (I am not yet ready to cough out, under my breath, the big 3-0…I’m assuming those words will be uttered from my lips around 10 years from now, when I will no longer be able to pass as a mature “twenty-something”.  I digress, back to pimples…

Let’s track the sudden changes in my life first:

  1. I have had a sudden change in geographic location.  The air is drier where I live now and the California drought of 2015 is making (I assume) the air even drier.  With that said, most beauty experts would assume to change to a heavier night cream-which yes, I have.
  2. The stress of a cross-country move, along with other variety of personal life stresses that accompany 99.99% of all us babes.
  3. An all around change of my nighttime cleansing and moisturizing regime, due to the reasons listed above.
  4. Bye-bye birth control for an upcoming surgery.

Now that I’ve gotten all the slight changes my precious face has suddenly been enduring let’s talk about getting those results.  Well, we all by now know weekly scrubs; salicylic acid; nightly makeup cleansing, and proper moisturizer typically can do wonders on a dirty face.

No dice.

Than what’s wrong with me?!  The pimples are still growing-back and bigger (and redder) than ever.  Have you babes gone through this struggle? -The unknown source for the bacteria to spawn on your face literally sucking your beauty away.

Have no fear babes!…I have sacrificed my face to find the simple and easy cure-drum roll please….pillows!

Confused?…let me explain.  I am a side sleeper and much like the character from Batman, two-face, half my face looks like the pimple monster, while the other side looks like a porcelain doll dipped in spray tan.

My pillow and it’s pillowcase needed an upheaval.  I regularly wash my pillowcases along with my clothes in the same detergent.  The pillow I have been using is from…well, I actually don’t even know.  Babes, see where I’m  going with this…yeah, my disgusting pillow was contaminating my pillowcase like anthrax-so no matter how much I would wash the 1000 thread count pillowcase, the bacteria would just crawl back on once the case was back on the pillow like no big deal.

Solution: Goodbye pillow-Hello Tempurpedic cooling gel pillow!  Not only do I have a fresh start with a bacteria-free pillow, the cooling gel helps to keep my head cool from sweating at night.  Of course I had to get completely new pillowcases as well.  Rather than my high thread count cotton, I switched to a silk pillowcase and gentle detergent.  This has helped not only with keeping sleeping creases from forming on my face, but also has kept my hairstyle fresher looking the next morning-aka less bedhead.

And to pimples around the world…

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