It’s tick season…Run for yo lyfe!..5 tips every babe should know!

The spring of 2015 is quickly sliding into the summer of 2015.  This means less clothes, more outdoors, and of course high risk for nasty ticks (..and yes babes, I did try to write that in a rhyme..)

  1. We all have heard by now the many starlets, such as Avril Levine and Yolanda Foster being diagnosed with Lyme disease that had been contracted through ticks.  So the reason for fear is not the fact that ticks dig their head under your skin to steal your precious blood, but they also leave behind an enzyme that can contain Lyme disease if that tick had gotten previously contracted.  
  2. Ticks range in sizes depending on their stage of life.  June through August are prime tick seasons, meaning their army is full swinging-full force.They do not fly or jump onto unsuspecting babes-they crawl up.  So when hiking in areas known for ticks, stay away from brush or walking off trails.  Keep your skin protected with sprays or clothing meant to protect against these ‘lil critters.                                    
  3. After being done with your outdoorsy activity make sure to take a hot shower sooner rather than later.  The heat will help cleanse your body from any freeloading ticks that may have hitched a ride.  Use lotion everywhere once you get out of the shower.  The lotion doesn’t effect anything with the ticks, but does help you feel your whole body when you are rubbing on the lotion-if you feel a small bump that normally isn’t there-check the area more thoroughly.  It takes up to 24 hours for the enzymes/saliva of the tick to take affect.  Don’t give the di-I mean tick the chance to make you sick.264445809339164699CKcsgjEGc
  4. Tick bites are painless! These tricksters really are #shameless.  Thank goodness not all ticks are carriers, just note-Deer ticks are the largest carriers of Lyme disease.   
  5. If you find a tick sucking on your body-keep it!  Not on your body-after you carefully remove it as close to the skin as possible with clean tweezers. Make sure to wash and disinfect the area after removal.  If Lyme disease symptoms occur, keeping the tick may allow for the docs to check to see if it was a Lyme carrier.

And that, my babes, is my top 5 list…anything else you think I should add or want me to write more about…Comment below-yo!

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