Living & eating clean-well, sorta…my top 5 lifesavers

After a tragic & violent crime that I unfortunately had to endure.  I found my body & mind pumped full with chemicals to recover.  I also found that I had been stagnant for over 6 months.  I needed an overhaul to regain my self again.  The need to regain balance in my mind, body & soul has become the most important thing in my life.  Here are my top 5 life changers that helped me regain my new and improved self.

  1. Look at yourself, for real, look at yourself everyday in the mirror.  Look at how amazing you are and say it out loud!  Whether you are in the head space to believe it or not-just say it!  The more the words leave your mouth, the more you will believe in them.  As they say-ask, believe & receive.  This statement is truer than most people know.  When I was hospitalized after being tragically ran over twice (yes you read that right-twice..before being left for dead.) I found myself holding onto life being prepared to be flown to another hospital for emergency operation on my liver that had been over 75% lacerated.  As the minutes, than hours went by as I was closely watched in the ICU-I mentally decided that I would not die from this-period.  I already sustained a broken arm, contusions, and lacerations on every body part-I was not going to go through anymore.  I was not going to be a victim.  I forced myself to smile, I forced myself to stay positive, I forced-forced-forced!! As the hours began to become days, I became stable.  The doctors were amazed at my spirit and the rate my body was recovering.  Yes, I was still injured severely, but I was recovering-I wasn’t dying.  I attribute this to mind over matter.  I look at myself everyday in the mirror with pride-I AM ALIVE!  I AM BEAUTIFUL!  I AM AMAZING! no wonder
     My story is no different than yours, just the details.  Everyone has tragedy-its how you pull through what matters.  Screw being the victim in the mirror-be the conquer! Care for the things that matter, and forget about caring for the things that don’t. 

  2. Water babes, it’s all about the water! We all know the importance, yet most of us are lacking it.  Not only does water cleanse our body and supports healthy brain functions, it helps keep hunger at bay to reduce unnecessary snacking & bloating. zWater can do miracles. I’m not going to drone on & on about needing to drink more than 8 glasses of water a day, but I am going to say this: Drink water with the right pH balance. This is so important for our bodies balance-for us babes a pH of 7.4 is ideal.

  3. Wake up everyday with the intent to do something-even if you have no plans.  Everyday I laid in the hospital bed, unable to even raise my arms, I wore makeup.  My boyfriend would wipe my face with cleansing cloths and carefully apply my lipgloss. I know this may seem tedious & vain, however, I stand by it: The better you look, the better you feel. Besides, what does it hurt?-the haters?…                                        Wearing makeup & getting dressed in the morning will help motivate you to go do something! Although it is a superficial surface action for beauty, it will also become an internal action for motivation, as well.

  4. Less caffeine & more green!  The trends of green smoothies are not going away any time soon-so embrace the green!  There are plenty of recipes for great tasting smoothies that are chuck full of great detoxing and antioxidants that all us babes need! (Check out some of my post on different smoothie recipes.)  My liver needed to repair & with all the different medicines being pumped into my body at the hospital, I desperately needed to cleanse. Can’t stand the gritty taste?-go for a juice press. green Not only will smoothies help get you to the daily veggies & fruits recommended, it also helps your body digest them better-since the nutrient is already blended.

  5. Be grateful for how much & for how little you have.  Stop looking at life like its greener on the other side of the fence, guess what-it’s not. Life is hard, and we should all be grateful for it, because it makes us grow into stronger and more resilient human beings. grateful< 3


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