Long Hair Don’t Care Club…wanna join? Top 5 things to do to get into the club.

It’s summer babes, and it’s time to let that hair down like a mermaid!  hairNow we all know the quick fix of hair extensions, but what if you are desiring the real thing.  Extensions can ruin natural hair growth, even causing bald spots and breakage-eek! What a girl to do?!-Want the real thing, but not the long wait….Well, here are my top 5 tips in regaining longer length and fullness naturally.

  1. It may seem counterproductive-but get a trim! Just like a house you want to start on a strong foundation.  Hair is the same thing, you must start growing hair without having split ends. Much to the lies of many hair products, I can FIRMLY CONFIRM (I am licensed & taught through Vidal Sassoon Academy) split ends can NOT be mended.  Once a strand of hair has a split, it is not possible to “glue” it back together, frankly speaking the split end will only continue to split further up the hair shaft.  By eliminating the split sooner rather than later will save extra length & help the growing process to allow the hair to be fuller from root to end.

  2. Supplements! Most babes aren’t taking in all the needed nutrient for proper hair growth.  Here is a list of supplements/vitamins I take to give my body the extra boost it needs to get my hair follicles revved up for growth: Biotin, Vitamin E, & Collagen.  Not only will you notice your hair growing faster, your skin will be glowing more too! (bonus!)


  3. Take it easy! Hair can be fragile, especially when wet! Rough brushing can cause more damage, thus being counteractive in trying to gain healthy locks.  Start brushing from end to root to get rid of tangles.  When hair is wet, use a wide tooth comb! Watching someone brush their wet hair with a paddle brush rather than a wide tooth comb is like nails on a chalkboard for me-just don’t do it.


  4. Nourish your hair properly! Every babe knows to use conditioner, but while growing hair out, we also need to add a little bit more to the routine-weekly deep conditioning & regular use of leave-in conditioner.  Hair tends to get drier through the daily stresses of sun, water, and styling-so nourishment is essential.


  5. Silk pillow cases or head wraps for sleep is the best way to keep those healthy strands breakage free.  Tossing and turning on a pillow at night causes friction between the hair strand and a cotton pillowcase-when using a silk one, the hair can glide against it.  Also, never-EVER fall asleep with wet hair…you’re just asking for damage.

Follow these 5 tips and watch your hair grow longer & longer!gone wiith the wind


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