Long Hair Don’t Care Club…wanna join? Top 5 things to do to get into the club.

It’s summer babes, and it’s time to let that hair down like a mermaid!  hairNow we all know the quick fix of hair extensions, but what if you are desiring the real thing.  Extensions can ruin natural hair growth, even causing bald spots and breakage-eek! What a girl to do?!-Want the real thing, but not the long wait….Well, here are my top 5 tips in regaining longer length and fullness naturally. Continue reading

Living & eating clean-well, sorta…my top 5 lifesavers

After a tragic & violent crime that I unfortunately had to endure.  I found my body & mind pumped full with chemicals to recover.  I also found that I had been stagnant for over 6 months.  I needed an overhaul to regain my self again.  The need to regain balance in my mind, body & soul has become the most important thing in my life.  Here are my top 5 life changers that helped me regain my new and improved self.

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This is what you wear to Ikea

Every babe needs a ‘lil something-something from Ikea no matter how large their bankroll is.  With that said, high fashion might look obsurd to walk the guided paths of Ikea’s furniture warehouse.  However, I just can’t leave the house without something shiny &/or pricey draped on my body.


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Oil Cleansing 101

Love this article on oil face cleansing! Spreading the word to the babes out there! Big thanks to Carbon & Pearls for the info ❤

Carbon & Pearls

As an acne prone teenage, oh how I repeatedly cleansed and scrubbed determined to exfoliate the angry red bumps off my face. Not only did over cleansing leave my skin dry and inflamed but resulted in an overcompensation of sebum production that left my face with an unsightly shine by midday. After discovering oil cleansing a few years ago, my life (and skin!) was changed forever! It has re-balanced my skin, reduced sensitivity and redness, improved clarity and imparts a nice, moisturising glow after every wash!
15May15 - Oil CleansingThe concept of adding more oil to my skin care routine seemed initially alarming but taking a trip back to high school chemistry, you would have found that oil is actually the best solvent for well, oil! While numerous oil based cleanses have sprung up on the market, I prefer the au natural method of using pure natural oils most of which are available…

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