Living & eating clean-well, sorta…my top 5 lifesavers

After a tragic & violent crime that I unfortunately had to endure.  I found my body & mind pumped full with chemicals to recover.  I also found that I had been stagnant for over 6 months.  I needed an overhaul to regain my self again.  The need to regain balance in my mind, body & soul has become the most important thing in my life.  Here are my top 5 life changers that helped me regain my new and improved self.

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I need a pizza to cover this pizza face

Pimples, Pimples, everywhere..but what cover up will work the fastest?!  Ever notice the new acne ads on TV and social media being aimed towards the older youth (I am not yet ready to cough out, under my breath, the big 3-0…I’m assuming those words will be uttered from my lips around 10 years from now, when I will no longer be able to pass as a mature “twenty-something”.  I digress, back to pimples…

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Coconut Oil! The new echoing trend through the beauty industry always finding the best next moisturizing oil.  Unlike other beauty oils, this one is an extreme health benefit too!  The uses are endless from skin, hair, and nail moisturizing-to healthy fat consumption and soap scum remover!  How though?!-How has this miracle oil been so elusive all these years during the trending Jojoba oil to Shea butter days. Continue reading